older layers of legend

explorations in comparative philology & linguistics

the older layers of legend ¹ are the tapestries of language & folklore that lie in the background of ancient cultures which i seek to explore through the study of linguistics & folklore· the pieces linked below are web reworkings of my linguistic & philological research·

independent research

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graduate research in germanic philology through Signum University

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undergraduate research in linguistics & cultural studies through Seattle Pacific University

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this phrase comes from jrr tolkien’s commentary to his translation of béowulf · he leaves this note on the sigemund section of the poem·

“Sigemund was (or is represented as) the pre-eminent dragon-slayer (not–certainly in the older layers of legend–a frequent exploit!).”
— Tolkien, JRR 2014. Beowulf: a Translation and Commentary. p 287

all translations of primary and secondary source texts cited in the articles presented here are mine